Let’s Get Fresh

Not the way your great Aunt Ethel meant it… We mean fresh in the way you feed yourself. How you experience food. Let’s reclaim the word ‘fresh’. It has been used and abused, to describe food transported from thousands of kilometers away, and sprayed with chemicals to improve colour, ripeness, and preservation.


Mapleview Fresh is challenging the current status quo on fresh, local food. As an innovator in today’s field-to-fork food culture, we are shattering the 100-mile rule. We bring our living produce to your kitchen, patio, unused wall or fence space, alive and growing until moments before meal-time.


We believe Muskoka deserves greater access to high quality, locally grown produce, instead of depending on produce shipped from hundreds, even thousands of km’s away. Our mission is to foster a healthy community and environment, by using our edible living green walls to grow and deliver the most nutritious and flavorful produce, while minimizing ecological footprint, eliminating waste, and empowering future growers. We are passionate about establishing transparent relationships between farmers and consumers.


We utilize the controlled environment of a greenhouse to grow food year-round in a region where the natural growing season for some crops could last as little as 45 – 55 days. To efficiently use our space, heat, and light resources, we utilize vertical towers to grow three-dimensionally. Our towers are lightweight, and very easy to remove from our closed-loop hydroponic system and take virtually anywhere, while the plants remain alive and growing.


Our farm is located in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario:
11 km from Baysville • 12 km from Huntsville • 34 km to Bracebridge • 49 km to Gravenhurst
Re-discover the meaning of ‘fresh’, with our year-round supply of nutritious, flavourful, locally and sustainably grown produce. Alive, and ready to harvest where and when you want it.
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