Serve Fresh

Serve up a truly unique dining experience your guests will remember, and be talking about everywhere they go!

Are you tired of trying to dress up wilted, rubbery, flavourless herbs and greens, and fluctuating seasonal pricing? Let our crisp, premium quality herbs and greens ‘liven’ up your signature dishes. Mapleview Fresh has live towers ready for your kitchen, restaurant space, or patio.

By keeping our produce alive until prep time, you can expect vibrant plate presentation, intense flavour, and improved nutrition. As a bonus, you are able to reduce food and packaging waste, save space in the cooler, and maximize your margins. What better way to get your guests buzzing about your food, and to demonstrate your commitment to sustainably and locally grown organic food, than to harvest it right in front of them, from a beautiful edible living green wall? Planning a unique new signature dish, with a hard-to-find ingredient? Give us your ingredient wish-list, and let us custom-grow specialty herbs & greens for your kitchen and bar garnishes.

Did you know that 38-50% of all harvested produce is wasted due to spoilage?
With our living towers, you will virtually eliminate spoilage, and packaging waste, while saving valuable refrigeration space. Mapleview Fresh will supply, install and maintain your live display. We will exchange used towers with vibrant new towers full of the highest quality greens and herbs, grown using best agricultural practices. Our produce is grown year round, so you can count on consistent pricing regardless of the season.

We want to be your source for greens and herbs, and your local community partner. Contact us today!